Retouching and Editing Services

One of my favourite things to do is retouching for other photographers. I am one of the few ones that does enjoy sitting in front of the computer exploring all the creative possibilities an image can have.

Retouching is a bit more elaborated than just simply editing, some skin treatment and presto. It is a very lengthy and detailed process that requires a lot of detailed attention and skills to make it look as natural as possible. Specially in some niche areas like beauty photography.


Retouching - Percy Ortiz


In essence retouching is preparing the image the very best you can for its final presentation. Whether it is a model’s portfolio or a feature for a magazine, every image that you see in advertising will be subjected to some form of enhancement, from digital enhancement such as dust removal and sharpening to more complicated techniques like dodge and burn and frequency separation to name a few.

Before digital photography became the norm, retouching occurred in the dark room with over and under exposure, dodging and blurring, masking and split-toning. The main difference these days is that the enhancement of photographs can be done in a variety of ways, from ready made filters found in apps such as Instagram to specialised computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

My retouching services are aimed at the professional photographer who does a lot of fashion modelling and beauty photography. I have perfected my skills in those areas as part of my own photographic work but also to help photographers out there who may prefer to spend time and energy in the actual captured process more than the post processing side of photography, or simply for those photographers who find computer software and in particular Adobe Photoshop a daunting task.




Below is a video I did for Perth Modelling Academy (PMA) to illustrate the process of beauty editing. PMA’s CEO Charlie Octavia is one of my best clients in Perth, Western Australia and she is also a talented photographer.  Charlie has been in the modelling industry for a number of years now, both in front and now behind the camera and her business is one of the most successful modelling Academies in Perth and soon Australia wide.


Beauty Retouching at High Speed

Before and After
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Outsourcing a retoucher can be one of the best investment for your business. It can free time in your workload so you can concentrate in more important things like, well, growing your business

Detailed retouching done to custom specifications according to your requirements. Starting at $10 for a basic package including color correcting, exposure and contrast, removal of blemishes, skin treatment and color grading. Feel free to request a quote. We also offers services as digital assistant/support, tethering when youre on location or studio.

Editing Wedding

Wedding editing is a bit different from Retouching. It involves a different approach and is more focused on volumen, quality and consistency. We can do weding editing in a very quick efficient manner and our prices are very competitive with the current market. We are a local Melbourne business but we do offer our wedding services Australia wide.

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