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Mum and Dad in 1967From a very young age I always knew photographs were about emotions. I remember when I was a kid I used to sit in the couch with my dad and listen stories about my grandfather. This jolly man with a big belly that according to dad was my biggest fan and admirer.

He passed away when I was very little so I don't remember ever meeting him in person but it certainly feels like I did. To this day I can close my eyes and picture his smile, feel his presence, I can even hear his voice sometimes. You see, sitting on top of the coffee table was my parents' wedding album, filled with amazing black and white photographs of their wedding day. All photographed in a the very formal style of those days, the traditional wedding family photos were there and among some of those photographs of course are photos of my grandfather.

The stories my dad told me have form thanks to those wonderful photographs. In there, my grandfather looks all gentleman like, formal as you can be, a subtle hint of a smile in his face, an unmistakeable sense of pride in his eyes as he looks at my dad and also an intense feeling of love as he holds my mum's hand, as if he was saying "thank you" for loving my son as much as I do.

These days I try to stay true to what I learned ages ago, that photographs need to convey emotion, they need to say something, carry a message to anyone who is willing to listen, they need to make you feel. Regardless of whether its commercial, fashion or weddings this needs to be true for a photo to be timeless, memorable...

My name is Percy and I am a commercial, lifestyle and wedding photographer but more important, I am a Time Master, a Dealer in Emotions, someone who can use 15 years of experience in this industry and a lifetime of experience in seeing the world through emotions to help you obtain exactly what you need to say your message to the world.

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Alternatively feel free to Call me on 0403 628 389

Fun Facts About me

I still own My First Camera

Despite being stolen six months after i bought it. Talk about heatbreak. It took a long 18 months but finally got it back 🙂

I Love Doing Things for Others

I have been known to collaborate with students and emerging creatives alike. I believe everyone deserves a chance at success

I am a Very Shy Person

I prefer to sit at home wiht a cup of hot chocolate than deal with the hussle of a crowded place. Totally a different story when I have my camera, The wrld better watch out when i have camera in hand

My Son is My Biggest Inspiration

No explanation needed 🙂

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